The Next Generation

Arcades R Fun builds custom arcade cabinets that include up to 39,000 arcade / home console games in one machine! Our custom games are Man Cave ready!
Look no further. This is your dream home arcade! Play Rampage World Tour, WWF Wrestlefest, TMNT, The Simpsons, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Street Fighter, Mario Bros., Zelda, Sonic and 39,000 more games! We have been building these home arcades for over 19 years now and will take good care of you!

Our Products

Our Mean Machine product line is what we have built for over 19 years now. We use full-sized PCs in five different 2/4 player upright game configurations. Every Mean Machine comes with a minimum of 34,000 pre-loaded games!

Want to go Extreme! 39,000 games included with our Extreme Machine option

Product Videos

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