Is there a game list?

No but all our games play all known arcade games from the beginning through about the year 2000 and many beyond that date. Then all home console systems and their games from the beginning through N64, Saturn, Dreamcast and even 1380 PS1 games.

That’s a total of 34,000 included games for the base Mean Machine 4TB HD game system prices you see in the site.

Note that you will need to purchase our dual X-Box One Bluetooth controller option from us in order to play N64, Dreamcast, Saturn, 3DO, PS1 and 2 pinball systems. The older home console systems and the arcade games will in most cases use the included joysticks and buttons.

The vid below is of the Extreme Machine 10TB game system option that adds newer PC games, newer arcade games, over 1,600 PS2, 30 PS3, a few X-Box and X-Box360 games etc. This option uses a higher end new PC with the added 10TB HD and dual X-Box One Bluetooth controllers.


How long is the lead-time from the initial 2/3 down payment until completion?
Approximately 20 weeks and is subject to change due to issues beyond our control.
How easy is the game to setup after I receive it?

We provide full setup and how to play directions via e-mail. It’s very easy and within about 15 minutes you will be playing games.

For local deliveries we will personally deliver the game into your home, set it up and train you on it.

What are the PC specs?

Mean Machine PC specs
i3 or 5 CPU, SSD for the OS, 8GB RAM, GTX1650 GPU or AMD equivalent, added 4TB game drive

Extreme Machine PC specs –
Newer Gen i5/i7 CPU, SSD for the OS, 16GB RAM, GTX1660 GPU, added 10TB game drive
Note: this option provides dual X-Box One wireless controllers included in the option price

Supreme Machine PC specs –
Upgrades the PC video card to an RTX3060.


We use PayPal for all game purchases. The site uses the PayPal shopping cart system. You do not have to be a PayPal member to purchase. You can use a debit/credit card via the PayPal shopping cart system as a guest. We require 2/3 of the game price to start the game build. The final 1/3 is due once you have seen completed pictures of your game before it ships out. There will be a separate PayPal invoice for the shipping costs of the game in 2 pieces. The final 1/3 due for games that we personally deliver locally will not be due until we have delivered your game. The delivery fee will be added to the final 1/3 invoice. Our local delivery area is a radius of about 200 miles from our Flemington, NJ. 08822 location. Please inquire if you are just outside the 200-mile area for a custom delivery quote.


All games are shipped with proper insurance coverage against shipping damage.

All our games are shipped in two pieces. The main cabinet is shipped via NAVL door-to-door with inside delivery ground floor. Staircase or back of building deliveries incur an additional fee from the shipping company. My advice is to make a move up / downstairs yourself with the help of at least 2 other people. I can provide instructions for the move.

Main cabinet shipping costs are $550 and up based upon your exact location. 

FYI – Note that these shipping estimates are as of 2023 and are very volatile and subject to change due to market conditions.

Remote /rural areas can easily be a total of $100-$200+ higher.

Local game deliveries start at $450 and up.

Control panel is shipped separately from the main cab via UPS Ground and runs from $150 and up.
Note: 55″ game control panels can easily run $250-$350 due to their being oversized. 

Canada ships are from $100 – $300 higher.

Can a game be picked up in person?

No, we do not allow game pickups. All local games must be delivered personally by us to protect the game.


The question we get most often is what kind of warranty do we offer. 

We offer the strongest warranty of any game manufacturer in the USA.

Besides the regular warranties on the TV, PC and speakers, we warranty the entire control panel controls (all buttons and joysticks, trackball, and spinner) and keyboard encoder board for as long as you own your game at no cost to you.

Note: Your trackball is not warrantied against excessive force. All trackballs are mounted to the underside of the control panel very securely. However, they can be damaged if hit with a strong downward blow. For this reason, there’s, no warranty covering this type of damage.


If your PC dies under the PC vendor’s warranty, we will pay to have your PC shipped back to us if needed. Most likely this is not the case as the game drive is a separate drive from your PC OS drive. All PC vendor warranty repairs are to be done at the owners home.

If the game drive is affected, then we will replace and/or reload your game system at no charge to you.


If your PC needs repair out of warranty, we can suggest where to bring it for a local repair place in your area. If the game drive is affected we can ship a new loaded drive at our cost to you plus shipping costs.

Game Support

If your game encounters an issue, we provide hardware / software support via an e-mail help desk.
We have a game owner who has the current game hardware / software and can diagnose your issue using remote access software called TeamViewer.

Here’s how it works –

E-mail us at arcadesrfun@hotmail.com with your issue. Please provide as much info as possible including cell phone screenshots of the issue.

I will then forward the e-mail to our software expert with a CC to you. He will then take over from there by contacting you.

This support is offered at no charge to the customer for a period of 5 years.

After that a reasonable hourly rate will be charged.

Game Dimensions

Our games are shipped in two pieces. The control panel and the main cabinet

Every game we build has a main cabinet at just 27″ deep front to back. The game is on 2.5″ caster wheels w/brakes and can go through any doorway sideways that has a 28″ inside width.

If the game is to be placed in your home via a staircase up / down, it must have proper width / height clearance.

This is most important when a turn in the staircase is involved.

Please advise us of any possible space issues and we can see if your game cab will fit.


Main cabinet dimensions –


32″ 2 Player Upright is 31.5″W/27″D/70″T 

40″ 2 Player Upright is 37.5W/27″D/68″T 

40″ 4 Player Upright is 37.5″W/27″D/68″T 

50″ 4 Player Upright is 47″W/27″D/72″T 

55″ 4 Player Upright is 51.5″W/27″D/72″T 


To make sure that your game has enough room where it will be used, we have placed the assembled dimensions below – 


Assembled dimensions – 


32″ 2 Player Upright is 32″W/38″D/70″T and weighs about 200 pounds assembled

40″ 2 Player Upright is 40″W/40″D/72″T and weighs about 225 pounds assembled

40″ 4 Player Upright is 48″W/42″D/72″T and weighs about 245 pounds assembled

50″ 4 Player Upright is 48″W/42″D/72″T and weighs about 260 pounds assembled (main cabinet is wider behind the 48″ wide control panel)

55″ 4 Player Upright is 54″W/42″D/72″T and weighs about 275 pounds assembled


Are games available to test play?

Yes, only in-house at our location in Flemington, NJ. 08822.

A game demo can be scheduled.

Where a demo is not possible for out of state people, we have shot several videos that show how the game is started up and played. They are located under our Product Videos section at the top of our site page.

Will the arcade / home console games play just like the originals?

Yes, the original audio / video of the game is emulated and plays just like the original because it is the original game.

Can I choose my own art design?

Can I choose my own art design? Yes, we offer over 100 artwork designs you can use for any size game you buy. If your game has the top backlit named marquee, you can choose any name at no extra charge!

Just click on Artwork Sets at the top of our site page

Can I have a custom artwork design created?

Yes, we contract out to a Photoshop artist who can design most anything you can think of. He charges about $375 as of 2023. If you go this route, I would send an introductory e-mail the artist with a CC to you. He requests 50% to start the design work via PayPal. Once the job has been completed and you have approved the design the final 50% will be due.

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