About Us

Arcades R Fun has its beginnings 23 years ago when we first started collecting real arcade games.

In 2003 we became one of the first companies to recognize a new way of playing games. Instead of just one game inside a cabinet you could play thousands. More than 19 years later, we’re still building games from raw wood to game time!

Our first PC-based home arcade game made from scratch

In 2003, we built our first PC-based home arcade game from scratch. It was an instant hit with our customers!

Purchased our own 5′ × 10′ computer-guided wood router (CNC) machine

In 2005, we took our part-time family business to the next level by purchasing our own 5′ × 10′ computer-guided wood router (CNC) machine. This allows us to build quality home arcade games with great precision!

Virtual pinball games added to our gaming portfolio

In 2009, we added virtual pinball games to our classic gaming portfolio.

Product Warranty

We provide you with the best product warranties in the business. Your computer, speaker system, and LCDs are covered by their respective factory warranties. All other parts are covered by Arcades R Fun for as long as you own your game!

If any part breaks due to normal wear and tear, we will repair or replace the part at no cost to you. This does not cover damage deemed from abuse or extreme environmental conditions.

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