Mean/Extreme Machines

Our base Mean Machine product line comes in 5 different upright game sizes. Every game we build comes with 34,000 included arcade & home console games.

What’s included in the base price?

  • Powerful new Windows PC with a video card and added 4TB game system drive (see FAQ)
  • Competition 8-way joysticks and arcade style buttons for all players.
  • 3″ LED Illuminated Trackball for games like Golden Tee, Centipede. Also act as a mouse in Windows
  • 3 speaker sound system with subwoofer and wired remote sound pod adjustment
  • Top game name marquee art is LED backlit
  • Plexiglass cover for marquee and TV screen
  • Comes with full body artwork (side art is optional for 2 player games)

Want the most games possible? Choose our Extreme Machine game option!

  • Only available on our 40" game model
  • Only available on our 50" game model
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