40″ Virtual Pinball Game with Force Feedback & Real DMD


We are proud to be the first company to offer a Virtual Pinball with Force Feedback! All other Virtual Pinballs are now obsolete!

Now you can Feel, Hear and See your favorite pinball tables come to life with our new Force Feedback option! This option provides all the sounds, vibrations and lights that fire off in conjunction with any event that normally takes place in a real pinball table!

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  • Fully custom artwork covering the entire pinball game!


This virtual pinball game uses a 40″ LED playfield, 28″ Samsung LCD backglass and real LED pinball DMD. We include the revolutionary Virtual Pinball front-end “Hyperpin” with every virtual pinball game we sell. We have licensed this software from the owner. This software allows you to select and play your favorite pinball titles!

We build our pinball cabinets from the ground up with only original and authentic pinball parts…real pinball legs, side rails, coin doors, etc. We CNC cut all wooden cabinet parts for a professionally built strong table/back glass.

We then CAD design and CNC cut special 1/4″ thick black plastic LCD monitor surround bezels that cover everything but the visible screen. This is done for the playfield, DMD and backglass and makes for a clean and professional looking table. Inside the cabinet is a PC that comes fully-configured and capable of playing more than 500 Virtual and Future Pinball tables!

Our Force Feedback tables have flippers that produce a sound when the buttons are pressed. Bumpers and mechanical devices that normally click, whir, and vibrate will all fire off when you play a table just like the real thing!

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Authentic and complete pinball cabinet made from 3/4" hardwood plywood. Cabinet/backglass is modeled after a widebody pinball and uses a brand new widebody lock-down bar we make ourselves. Brand new chrome pinball legs with adjustable leg levelers and plastic pincab protectors and stainless steel side rails. Two tilt bobs on the side are used for left/right nudge.


3/16" playfield glass (with side rail trim to slide it on) and custom backglass bezel.

Coin Door

Happ Controls coin door with LED-illuminated reject buttons and coin mechanisms.

Sound System

200-watt PC speaker system with huge sub-woofer!


We use a Samsung 46" LCD Display for the playfield, a 32" Samsung LCD for the backglass display and a 19" Viewsonic LCD for the DMD.


Custom-built PC with an i7 3.2GHz CPU, 6GB RAM, dual 1024MB video cards, a 120GB SSD and an Ultimarc I-Pac2 encoder board. Authentic pinball buttons with LED illumination. We include regular side flipper buttons and nudge flipper buttons.

Force Feedback

The following options make your virtual pinball come to life: shaker motor, pinball knocker, wiper motor, 8 Siemans contactors (solenoid devices strategically located throughout your pinball cabinet interior to mimic tables bumps, flipper clicks, etc.) and 5 dome-covered high power RGB LED Flashers on top of the backglass that fire off just like your favorite table used to. All these are professionally wired up with numerous circuit, driver boards and specific DC power supplies.


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