4 Player 40″ LED Home Arcade Game


This unit is capable of playing Ms. Pac-Man, Missile Command, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Q-Bert, and 35,000 other arcade and home console games all from one machine!


Please note that shipping is via a separate Paypal invoice. 2 player games are $495 door to door within the lower 48 US states. Canada shipping is $595



If you notice, our games look very arcade-authentic because they’re modeled after the famed arcade cabinets of yesteryear! We ripped apart old arcade cabinets and then copied their body lines to come up with that great arcade look! We build our game cabinets just like arcade games have been built for over 30 years! Solid all-wood construction using 3/4″ high density particle board covered on BOTH sides with a heavy commercial-grade smooth black melamine.

Your game cabinet has a 4″ electric PC exhaust fan located on top of the game and protected by metal speaker grilles. This rids your cabinet of any excess heat buildup from the PC and LED monitor and prolongs your PC’s useful life! Our game cabinets have full protective plexiglass bezels covering the LED and illuminated marquee. Every game comes with four rolling, locking caster wheels so you can easily move your game when needed, but also keep it firmly in place!

Game dimensions with our 48″ control panel installed are approximately 48″ wide by 42″ deep by 73″ tall. The cabinet without the control panel is 42-1/2″ wide by 29″ deep.


The game comes with full-body artwork covering both game sides head-to-toe, front kick panel below control panel, control panel, monitor bezel and illuminated marquee. You can choose from one of many selections at Game on Grafix or choose from our proprietary artwork library. The game also includes your choice of LED-illuminated marquee design art that can be personalized at no extra charge!

Control Panel

The 48-inch wide control panel attached to the game cabinet contains a full 4-player set of joysticks and buttons. The same exact commercial Happ Controls components that we use in all our games has been used for the last 20 years in arcades! Players 1-4 have Happ Controls Competition 8-way joysticks with 6 buttons per player and a separate red ball-top Happ 4-way stick for classic games. Then we have dedicated credit and start buttons for players 1-4 with pause, escape and admin buttons. Yes, you can stop your game in mid-play, walk away and get a drink and start the game where you left off! We also include a Happ’s 3″ blue/red translucent LED-illuminated trackball with 3 mouse buttons to navigate windows and play trackball-based games.

Additional information

Dimensions 39 x 48 in

We now use LED-illuminated marquees, a first in the industry! No more replacing short-lived fluorescent tubes!

One-Button Power Up

Just hit the PC on button and everything powers up, including exhaust fans, lighted marquee, LCD and speakers. When you shut down the PC, all the peripherals shut down automatically.


We use new 42″ Vizio LCD flat panel monitors for a perfect picture every time! We cover the area surrounding the monitor with an artwork-covered bezel so all you see is the gameplay screen for that authentic look!


This game comes with a Dell PC and a full 1 year warranty. Minimum specs include an Intel/AMD Dual Core CPU at 2.9GHz or higher, 500GB hard drive, 3GB RAM, DVD-ROM drive and a fully-licensed copy of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium!

Sound System

Three-speaker system with a large sub-woofer that’s placed in the bottom of the game cabinet for maximum bass. Comes with adjustable remote volume/bass/treble buttons.

Game Front-End

We use HyperSpin, a fully-customizable game menu system that supports multiple game platforms!

Keyboard Interface

This is the part that we wire all your buttons and joysticks to. All our games come with the Ultimarc I-Pac4 keyboard interface. This is the standard in the home arcade industry. This little green circuit board has all the buttons and joysticks wired into it. Then a USB cord goes to the PC, which “sees” your control panel as nothing more than a generic Windows mouse and keyboard.


The control panel attached to the game cabinet contains a full 4-player set of joysticks and buttons just like our other games. Same exact commercial Happ Controls quality that we use in ALL our games. Player 1-4 have Happ Controls Competition 8 way joysticks and we include a 4-way Happ joystick. These parts are the same you use in arcades right now!


We use Happ Controls concave buttons, the best in the business!


Ultimarc 3" USB RGB LED white translucent trackball specially backlit with super-bright LEDs! This trackball acts as your mouse in Windows and then in trackball games. Your control panel also has 3 dedicated mouse buttons above the trackball that when combined with the trackball means you can operate Windows and ALL your games from the control panel! NO keyboard needed!

Flush-Mounted Trackball Plate

We cut our blank control panels with an inlaid trackball mounting plate cut-out. Then we apply/smooth over any seams with auto body filler for a perfect, invisible trackball mount underneath your overlay artwork! We make it look like your trackball is rising out of your control panel with no visible means of support! This is the same professional finish you on commercial arcade games!


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